Specializing in Damage Prevention

Proving worksite inspection and safe ground disturbance solutions in industries such as Oil & Gas,
Reclamation, Geophysical and Construction

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a member of ISNetworld?
Protek Locating Services has been an active member of ISNetworld since 2011 and maintains excellence in status.
Do you have a recognized Health & Safety program?
Our Health and Safety program was implemented in 2009 and we hold out certificate of recognition (COR) in Health & Safety.
Are there any underground facilities that can't be located?
The location of plastic, cast iron, and aluminium based facilities is not impossible, but does present considerable difficulties.
What is the difference between an Alberta One-Call and a private locate?
Alberta One-Call will only locate facilities owned by the One-Call participants, anything else is the responsibility of the land or home/business owner and require a private locate.

Mission Statement

ProTek Locating Services, Inc. exists to provide accurate and innovative pipeline and utility locating services to the Oil & Gas, Geophysical and Utility industries. PLS, Inc. is a company based upon years of industry experience and upon the premise that the needs of our clients drive the solutions and services we provide. As a company, we will place our clients first; as an employer, we will place our employees first; and as an organization, we will leave the communities we serve better than we found them.

Our Clients

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