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ProTek Locating Services Inc. is a company specializing in damage prevention by means of buried pipeline and utility locating services. In an industry where safety is a number one priority, assuring customers of our safety record is vital to our business and customer satisfaction. Incident free since incorporation we strive to maintain our records through the continued use of our Health and Safety program and continue to integrate safety into the daily workplace. ProTek Locating Services Inc. is committed to a health and safety program that protects our staff, clients, property, and the public from accidents. Our safety program has been updated and recently audited and our proud to announce we have passed the audit process and retain our Certificate of Recognition with Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships. An injury and accident-free workplace is our common goal.

ProTek Locating Services Inc. based in Calgary, AB. with satellite office availability from Red Deer or Brooks AB, exercise our capabilities in providing the following services to existing and potential clients throughout central Alberta:

  • Pipeline and utility locating services
  • Reclamation and Remediation locating services
  • Seismic program locating services
  • One call management and response services
  • Pipeline R.O.W. and lease scan services
  • Project supervision and ground disturbance management
  • Rural and inner city locating services
  • Environmental projects including land reclamation, gas refinery stations, and depth surveys.

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One of the best professional companies that specialize in underground pipe/cable locating and detailed facility mapping. They are commited to providing accurate buried utility locating in order to ensure safe work conditions when contractors are performing any type of ground disturbance. Overall a great company to contract with.

ProTek Locating Services Inc. is a privately owned pipeline and utility locating company located in Calgary, Alberta with operations in western Canada. Our employees have over 20 years experience in pipeline/utility locating, facility mapping, inner city construction locating and survey and seismic exploration. Our experience in the oilfield industry also include pipeline right-of-way sweeping and inspections, re-establishing survey for lease reclamation, ground disturbance reports/inspections and Alberta one call response management.

ProTek Locating Services Inc. utilizes the most up to date equipment to ensure quality and efficiently in our work. We are committed to delivering safe and cost effective locating services to our clients.
ProTek Locating Services, Inc. exists to provide accurate and innovative pipeline and utility locating services to the Oil & Gas, Geophysical and Utility industries. PLS, Inc. is a company based upon years of industry experience and upon the premise that the needs of our clients drive the solutions and services we provide. As a company, we will place our clients first; as an employer, we will place our employees first; and as an organization, we will leave the communities we serve better than we found them.
ProTek Locating Services Inc. strives to be the best in the industry. We provide clients with exceptional service, technological advancements and an uncompromising commitment to excellence. Today's business environment dictates that our employees understand our industry and embrace the constant change that will keep us ahead of our competitors, while working efficiently and with safety foremost in mind. A positive response from clients is our reward for our combined efforts.
All pricing will be given upon request. Please contact us requesting information about pricing using one of the 3 contact options available:

Phone Number: (403) 239-5770
Email: admin@ProTeklocatingservices.com
Fax: (403) 398-0521

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